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Calippo Burst.

Bursting with design, ice cold delivery.

Calippo is a brand known for its iced treats, we grew up asking for them from the local ice cream man so when we were approached to redevelop the visuals for a brand new product that blends the Calippo push-ups into a slush-type drink we knew we had to channel our inner child to come up with something bursting with design.


Brand Development | Marketing Strategy | Social Strategy | Kiosk Design | Product Renders

The Result.

Working with a pair of nostalgic glasses throughout this project led to a colourful, fun and engaging delivery that brought the Calippo Burst product into a brand new creative space.

The existing brand.

Calippo is a staple product of the Walls family, with a heritage of fun, family-friendly consumables. With over 70 years of freezer space under its belt, we needed to treat the brand with respect and hinge on its popularity to help kick start a brand new look and feel to compete in the frozen drink market.

How we developed it.

From our research, the 'Calippo kids' are now around the ages of 25-35 with many having families of their own. This made the choice to play with nostalgia even easier. We wanted to bring back some of the 90s into our design, showcasing bright rays, in-your-face explosions of fruit and juice along with complimentary colouring from the Nickelodeon era.

Further developing the brand to introduce different characters from all kinds of demographic backgrounds allowed us to be playful and eye-catching. " I used to have these when I was little" We want to make the adults reminisce and the children beg for a chance to try.

We created nostalgic statements to help fit the brand character of Calippo. "Getting fizzy with it" not only refers back to a core principle of the product but also helps the demographic become nostalgic.

Using short, dramatic statements mixed with our new colour marketing will demand brand presence alongside the competition.

Ice cold design.

Social alignment.

Content is king, that's why we created a balanced social account strategy, this meant creating varied content that will allow them to remain in the spotlight throughout any campaign.

Introducing the Calippo characters will keep the audience engaged and interested in the next instalment and prevent social fatigue. Exploring different ways to showcase the product from 50-50's, which flavour are you and product showcases all encourage user input and sharing to speed up the reach the product has in different social circles.

Bursting with character.

Focusing on people is paramount with the direction we have demonstrated. Creating a character for each flavour profile not only engages the audience but makes the product relatable. Creating excitement and a feeling of fun can further develop the product's positioning amongst the competition.

This direction can evolve and develop over time to incorporate new flavours, people and demographics to remain current and popular across all channels.

Freezing footfall.

An exciting element to the brand direction for Calippo was tackling the 'Burst' kiosks. The kiosks are often found in shopping centres, seaside resorts and other high footfall areas, so, we needed to create a lively, colourful design that would bring the sun no matter the location. Utilising the burst imagery and its accompanying colours allowed us to be bold, bright, unmissable and bursting with character.

Marketing the identity of the product.

Each product has such a unique flavour profile that we felt was necessary to dive deeper into. Introducing Electric Lime, a flavour profile that feels like it's been pulled straight from the 90s and early 00s.

Having the ability to introduce external elements into our marketing design adds depth to the product which only gets wackier when we bring two (or three) flavours together.

Using a striking complementary colour with each flavour allows us to develop marketing and designs for each product on an individual level whilst standing out from the current normal which is to be less in-your-face or shouty. The overall result is to let the kids relate to a character trait of each flavour and develop further as the brand takes hold of the market.

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