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Working with MS3 Networks

When MS3 Networks reached out to us, they were looking for a team that could help them rebrand and develop their digital presence. They wanted to stand out in a crowded marketplace and needed ideas and creative that would set them apart from the competition. To meet their requirements, we created a bold and unique new design for the brand that incorporated a striking new icon, representing the network aspect of their service, with a nod to the inside of a fibre wire they install.

When developing the new look for MS3 Networks our team understood the importance of creating a distinctive brand personality that moved the company forward and presented them as they obvious fibre choice in any area. The outcome has helped MS3 Networks stand out in the communications industry and given them the marketing platform to help them succeed.

MS3 Networks needed a graphic element to enhance their brands overall recognition. The new graphic device helps MS3 Networks to be playful and instantly identifiable. This newly created design language taken and developed from the iconography was applied to all assets from van liveries to internal stationery.




During the brand development process, the company gave careful thought to creating a comprehensive range of branded equipment for their large internal team. The aim was to foster a sense of team spirit among the employees and promote the brand internally.


Art Direction

Art Direction

After creating the initial logo, our focus shifted towards developing a consistent brand image across all formats. This involved identifying a suitable visual direction for the future of the business and guiding their visual identity during their growth phase.




The company's website is the primary platform for showcasing their services, providing information about the different packages offered by MS3 Networks, and highlighting the brand's commitment to innovation. The website serves as the primary sales channel in the digital realm and has experienced significant increases in conversions since its launch.




As MS3 Networks experienced a swift expansion, we took the initiative to create visually appealing graphic signage in various local cities. Our aim was to promote the newly developed branding of the company and create a strong visual presence that would capture the attention of potential customers.




We created eye-catching designs for the vans at MS3 Networks, using the newly developed graphic device. The information on the vans is easy to read, and the brand appears modern and technology-oriented, helping to convey MS3 Networks' message while on-the-go.

It is essential to realise the significance of first impressions in today's technology-driven world. Although MS3's primary offering is to provide ultra-fast internet speeds, it was our responsibility to create a visual identity that would align with MS3's vision and objectives from the very first glimpse, setting MS3 apart from others trying to do the same within their sector.

As a final step in our collaboration with MS3, we put together a collection of images that aligned with the new branding and design language. We aimed to create a futuristic and technology-driven atmosphere that would be conveyed through neon colours. By incorporating these colours into the images, we were able to provide MS3 Networks with assets that were both practical and visually appealing.

"Our objective was to develop a platform that facilitates the growth of MS3 Networks through its striking design and development. With the creation of a bold and flexible brand and website, MS3 Networks can now continue its growth journey."

Christian Denehy

Creative Director

The Stats


Increase In Users

Since the rebrand and website creation, MS3 has seen a 500% increase in site visitors since its launch.



Localised advertising generated over 300k impressions across MS3 channels.



Over 100,000 people have registered their interest through the new website.



MS3 has connected over 37,000 homes and plans to connect more than 500k by 2025.

“The team at Just Design Stuff helped us to realign our business due to our expansion. From the rebrand to the website, they delivered everything we needed.”

Sam Hales

Sales & Marketing Director, MS3 Networks

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