We are a team of passionate creatives that thrive on building unforgettable experiences for our clients.

We create for ambitious brands that understand design brings results. We encourage change where it's needed the most whilst pushing the boundary of industry normals.

What makes us special?

Just Design Stuff was created to solve a problem for our clients that required more than pretty pictures or throw-away content. Our clients require change, solutions, ambition, and creative thinking to help take their businesses to the next level. The primary factor that we all have in common? Drive and ambition to deliver positive change through the use of design.

We don't stray away from the nitty-gritty and that sometimes means discussing some heavy stuff. That being said we don't leave any stone unturned when it comes to your business and developing its design future and luckily for us, our clients expect this and love us for it.

What do we do.

How we do it.

How it works.

We start every project with a discussion. Understanding your business's pain points is paramount to a successful project. We dig deep into the problem to create educated innovative solutions that surprise, delight, and deliver.


After the initial meeting, the real work begins. We leave no stone unturned as we dive deep into your industry's history to discover unexplored avenues of design growth for your business. We use this time to learn, understand and digest.


We have developed a process to allow all parties to remain informed throughout the design projects. Each stage of the development is categorised as a milestone that is agreed upon and understood prior to the project start date.

Our team.

We believe in positive thinking that is void of any bias, we collectively agree that change can be for the better. We understand the importance of collaborative teamwork, growth and internal development. Most importantly, we win together, as a team.

Lewis Francis

Managing Director

Christian Denehy

Creative Director

Hollie Wadsworth


Chris Milson

Account Manager