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Working with The VWC

The Vintage Wholesale Company is a leading wholesaler in the U.K. that sources, grades, and delivers the finest vintage around the globe. Our team designed an e-commerce website to ensure their international customer base can shop around for the stock available to order straight to their door.

We created a website that has become VWC's online storefront, providing a seamless shopping experience with options to buy in bulk, shop from a wide range of categories, and even book a visit to our warehouse to pick up your items yourself.

In addition to creating a new website, our team helps build engaging email campaigns that keep their customers hooked by announcing new drops, discounts, and more!




Spreading the word about supplying the finest vintage worldwide meant taking their marketing beyond the digital realm, where signage was a huge factor and was implemented in areas that would draw in their ideal audience.


Email Marketing

Email Marketing

We ensured that customers were up to date with the latest stock drops, sales, and deals that landed straight in their inboxes. Email marketing was crucial for VWC to communicate with its customer base on a more personal level outside of its website.




User experience was the essential focus when redesigning the site, with the majority of their customer base located beyond the U.K. We made sure the VWC website was in tip-top shape from the moment you landed on it to the final checkout. Our goal was to deliver a seamless browsing experience that not only attracted the users' attention but also ensured a smooth and hassle-free checkout process.




With a brand new website, we wanted to drive as much intentional traffic to the site as possible with the help of SEO. Along with an organic strategy and an impactful search ad campaign, we can reach users looking for the finest vintage for themselves or their vintage stores. 

Branding was at the forefront of this project and helped us establish a direction for designing the range of marketing materials we created. With the Vintage Wholesale Company stocking pieces from many well-known brands and sophisticated styles, we wanted this to be reflected through the overall branding, swapping grey, white and gold with a luxury emerald green.

As a result, we have diligently executed this new branding across multiple platforms, such as our website, emails, signage, and other marketing materials. Our goal is to create a consistent and uniform experience for our customers, where they can easily recognise and associate our brand with our products or services. 

"Whilst working on the brand for VWC, it was important to remember that every vintage piece holds a unique history, and it was our job to honour that legacy and bring it to life in a way that resonates with the audience."

Lewis Francis

Managing Director

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