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Working with WornWell x Primark

WornWell is an exclusive in-store concession at Primark, offering a range of high-quality vintage clothing from both branded and non-branded sources. Our team was responsible for creating the brand for WornWell, and we continue to maintain this brand through the in-store experience and external marketing efforts.

We work closely with both Primark and WornWell to ensure that all of our marketing efforts align with the brand identity established by Just Design Stuff. We are constantly exploring new and exciting ways to market this unique concession through both digital and analogue channels, using bold and vibrant graphics to help WornWell stand out in an already crowded retail industry.

In addition to designing the brand's logo, we collaborated with Primark to develop a suitable name for the business. We developed several choices before settling on WornWell. Once the name and logo were finalised, we partnered with Den Interiors to design the brand's interior style for in-store application. Our created WornWell graphics are consistently utilised across several of Primark's flagship stores to help promote the new internal concession.




When creating design collateral for WornWell, it was important to maintain a consistent brand language across all branding elements.




Actively promoting each store through signage is a vital part of WornWell's marketing strategy to increase footfall, general interest, and awareness of vintage fashion.




WornWells' website provides store locations and information and a platform for customers to learn about vintage fashion and its use in their wardrobes.




Social media advertising is a proven sales vehicle for WornWell, showcasing new looks, drops, and influencers to a dedicated audience.

Creating a strong digital presence for WornWell was a crucial factor in it's success. Therefore, Just Design Stuff was given the responsibility to increase brand awareness on social media. The team successfully attracted more than 30,000+ followers to the brand's social media accounts in the first year, and the numbers are still growing to this day under our management and creative work.

It is crucial to appreciate the significance of unity in the retail industry. We do not want to create a situation where people get excited about visiting the concession after seeing creative content online, only to be disappointed by the lack of creativity in the in-store experience. This is why we take into account every aspect of the store, including the layout, walkways, and the shopping journey, while creating creative materials.

"It has been a pleasure working with WornWell on such a large and successful undertaking. Moving forward, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to continue developing the brand and in-store experiences as the business grows."

Christian Denehy

Creative Director

The Stats


Stores Opened

10+ stores have been successfully opened, indicating a promising growth trajectory for the business.


New Followers

Across social media accounts, this is a testament to the effectiveness of our social marketing strategies.


Campaigns Launched

Delivering exceptional results and helping them achieve their marketing goals.


Creatives Made

We have successfully created over 150 creatives, delivering unique and effective solutions to help them achieve their business goals.

“From the ground up Just Design Stuff has helped establish my business and put WornWell on the map. The team is a vital part of our growing operation.”

Ricardo Seaton

Managing Director, WornWell

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