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Evans & Co has been serving its customers for many years and has built a loyal client base. With more than 20 years of business experience, the company aims to modernize its approach and bring its visuals, branding, and marketing in line with its new plan.

We were asked to work with Evans & Co internally to create a new brand approach and branding that aligns with their vision for the future. In addition, we presented several creative ideas for the founders to consider, demonstrating the path being paved for the business as it continues to flourish.

Balancing accounting and design can be a challenging task. It's not always easy to determine when too much information becomes detrimental. However, while collaborating with the internal team at Evans & Co, we were able to develop a marketing strategy that simplifies the accounting approach. Our aim was to highlight the primary benefit of their services, which is that they are simple, easy to onboard and have a trustworthy team. The key takeaway was to make the message quick, concise, and welcoming.

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We were able to develop the brand and brand language successfully. As a result, we created a series of collateral for the corporate arm of the business, which utilised a reduced colour palette and introduced a business-led image direction. This approach shared many of the foundational elements that made the initial public launch a success. As a result, Evans & Co now has a dedicated approach to both b2b and b2c.

"Evans & Co was a great project to work on and with an open dialogue between our two teams, we were able to arrive at a solution that everyone was excited to accept and engage with."

Emma Cooke


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