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Working with Tradepark

Tradepark approached Just Design Stuff with a request for a new creative direction for their business. They are an established commercial property developer that offers a unique approach to renovating old commercial buildings and giving them a new lease of life.

To reflect their recent internal growth and development of several new serviced offices, Tradepark needed a rebrand and a new website. They required an overhaul to their existing visual identity which would showcase the business's internal progress and enable them to move forward with confidence.

We created a simple and striking new brand identity for Tradepark with a bold new colour palette and a friendly approachable design style for the business. Once the logo and tone was established, we developed a new and easy to use website allowing users to quickly navigate to available properties and leave potential enquiries, helping to increase convertions for the business.




We provide ongoing social media marketing and digital advertising for Tradepark. Our efforts showcase the brand's style and provide valuable insights into available properties, while also delivering informative content.




The brand was created with scalability in mind. We designed a brand that works seamlessly across multiple formats while still maintaining its striking and disruptive nature.




The Tradepark website serves as the brand's central hub, providing a property search feature, landing pages for their large-scale properties, and a portal to the brand's history.




Tradepark's ongoing marketing needs are met through our comprehensive digital and print marketing services, which include out-of-house campaigns in local cities and digital advertising for available properties.




We provide ongoing SEO work for Tradepark, including backlinks, keywords, meta information, and improvements based on analytical data. We also utilise PPC advertising to target specific demographics.

With a perfect blend of striking and amicable styling along with relatable photography, the brand now has a highly professional and welcoming look and feel throughout all its marketing and business assets thanks to the ongoing work we provide through marketing support.

Each of Tradepark's serviced office buildings has it's own logo and brand style developed to help embody their unique aesthetics, taking influence from their location to the architecture. All of these brands and buildings fall under the Tradepark umbrella which continues to grow.

"Our goal with Tradepark was to help showcase the business in a more professional light through a striking brand approach and targeted marketing efforts. As a result, we continue to see month-on-month growth for the business."

Christian Denehy

Creative Director

The Stats


Increase in users

Since the launch of the website, there has been a steady increase in the number of users every week.


Increase in enquiries

Tradepark saw an increase of over 400% with their website enquiries from acquisitions, rentals and general enquiries.


Sub Brands Created

We Created 8 sub-brands for Tradepark. Bringing all of their services and products in line with the new brand direction!



Localised advertising generated over 73,000 impressions across Tradepark's social media channels.

“ Since we started working with Just Design Stuff, we’ve been able to take 20% more in projects, and that’s strictly because they helped increase our efficiency.”

Mark Butters

Managing Director, Tradepark

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