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Turning back time on the highstreet.

Working with The Vintage Wholesale Company we developed a new new vintage concession brand located inside some of Primark's flagship stores. We were tasked with creating a brand that would feel at home within the highstreet and give customers a new kind of highstreet shopping experience.

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Name Creation | Brand Creation | Logo Creation | Tone of Voice | Asset Creation

The Result.

The brand has begun its rollout across Primark's flagship stores and is set to continue developing over the next year to even more stores.

Logo Id.

We were tasked with creating a new brand name for the concession. After many iterations and testing, we settled on the name 'WornWell' Embodying the history of the garments as well as creating a lifestyle statement. "That's worn well"


Our choice of image direction for this brand exudes confidence and attitude. This photographic style perfectly suits the brands nature of unique clothing for unique characters.

Worn Well by Primark image model with logo phasing behind

Old clothing, new delivery.

The concession is being managed by The Vintage Wholesale Company. Working with them closely, we developed more than just the name and logo for the business. We also helped to create WornWell's visuals from storage to store.

Premium handpicked
vintage clothing.

Not all vintage is the same.

Like many of the vintage items, WornWell has on offer we knew the brand needed to feel unique in its own way. We created processes for the brand to implement across the business to ensure every customer received the best possible service when buying vintage, from authenticity stickers to informative QR tag systems that allowed customers a deeper look into the WornWell ecosystem.

“Being creative on a tight deadline isn't easy, or so I thought! I have worked with multiple different agencies and I have never come across a team like Just Design Stuff. Passionate, intuitive and reliable.”

Ricardo Seaton
Owner - The Vintage Wholesale Company

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