Turning back time on the highstreet.

Primark has developed a new vintage division inside some of their flagship stores with the help of the external vintage experts Poorboy Vintage. We were tasked with creating a brand that would feel at home within the highstreet megastore and give Primark a new dimension and experience for the customers.


Name Creation | Brand Creation | Logo Creation | Tone of Voice | Asset Creation

The Result.

The brand has begun its rollout across the stores and is set to continue developing over the next year to even more stores.

Logo Id.

We were tasked with creating a new brand name for this division. After many iterations and testing, we settled on the name 'WornWell' Embodying the history of the garments as well as creating a lifestyle statement. "That's worn well"


Vintage clothing has many stigmas associated with it, we decided to tackle this with confidence. Not only are the clothes on offer going to have people saying you wear them well the clothes have unironically already been worn well. Our choice of image direction for this brand exudes confidence and attitude to play with the target demographic and entices them to find out more.

Old clothing, new delivery.

The division is being managed solely by the vintage professionals at Poorboy and we were asked to tackle the brand further than just a naming project. They wanted to create a full process from storage to store. We developed the packaging for online orders and even promotional event livery.

Sizing the competition.

All of the clothing on sale was allowed to have bespoke POS and digging into the competition for vintage, other stores neglected the sizing tags making the products feel even older or less cared for. We created the Wornwell sizing tags that allow customers to understand the bespoke care instructions for their chosen garment.

Not all vintage is the same.

With an upcoming website being developed we couldn't ignore that each item was somewhat different to the last, from single stitch through to odd-sized sleeves, we created a system that would inform customers of the measurements for specific clothes that needed a little bit of help identifying as S,M,L - the sizing graphic allows you to see the length, width and height of the item you are looking at.

Store fit out visualisation.

“Being creative on a tight deadline isn't easy, or so I thought! I have worked with multiple different agencies and I have never come across a team like Just Design Stuff. Passionate, intuitive and reliable.”

Ricardo Seaton
Founder - Poorboy Vintage

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