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Willerby Ltd.

Helping the statics move.

We produce full and ongoing suites of marketing materials for Willerby ranging from brand new external renders to the beloved annual brochure. Maintaining a consistent brand across all of the Willerby channels is key to keeping their position as the market leader.


Marketing Materials | Brochure Design | Digital Assets | Tone of Voice

The Result.

An exponential increase in the brand power amongst customers. Stable positive feedback from customers in regards to look and feel - professionalism and informative brochure layouts. High increase in Willerby images being used in publications to further push the reach for the brand.

Willerby in print.

From customer-facing editorials to internal documentation guides and handbooks we continue to create a synergy between all of the Willerby products.

2021 Holiday Home

2022 Holiday Lodge

Owner's Handbook

Residential Range

Supplier Guide

Bespoke Handbook

Collection of Willerby Brochures.Collection of Willerby brochures

Outlining the product.

It's not unheard of that some people think they all look the same from the outside. This is a problem that Willerby faced when trying to distinguish the slight characteristical changes between their products. We solved this by creating a collection of illustrative drawings of each home from the front aspect, helping to differentiate each model even on the smallest scale.

Ashurst icon
Astoria icon
Brookwood icon
Castleton icon
Dorchester icon
Linwood icon
Malton icon
Manor icon
Richmond icon
Sheraton icon
Sierra icon
Vouge icon

Willerby on the move.

Tasked with taking the brand from static to four (and more) wheels we created a consistent livery set that would be applied to all of the Willerby fleet vehicles. Clean, simple and on-brand the Willerby fleet is now a uniformed brand awareness showcase.

Willerby branded heavy truckWillerby branded van

Building the Willerby dream.

For every new model that Willerby builds we help take prototype units and develop those images into polished renders. Positioning Willerby products in picturesque environments helps visualise their product's characteristics, personality and aligns with their mission statement of 'Creating Dreams'. We help customers visualise the potential of their new Willerby investment.

snapshot of willerby renders being arranged and built

Willerby at events.

When we're not creating beautiful exteriors or coming up with clever marketing campaigns we help Willerby stand out from the crowd at events all across the UK. From banners, videos, handouts, dealer support and even vending machines. Just Design Stuff continues to help secure Willerby as the market leader.

Willerby exhibition stand

“Just Design Stuff have helped us remain in the leisure spot light for almost five years now, they deliver quality ideas and design choices on time without fail. It’s like having our own dedicated design team that is just an email away.”

Chloe Lidster
Head of Marketing - Willerby Ltd.

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