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Opening doors for SolarFrame.

SolarFrame approached us with a request to revitalise its brand positioning within the window and door market. They had recently rolled out a brand new brand ID that had been implemented across the business. The problem they had? How can we expand on what we already have? Can we bring our customers into the "solar" frame and celebrate them.


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The Result.

We provided SolarFrame with an intuitive approach to their brand that allowed them to expand the scope of creativity with their logo. Opening a door (or window) into a brand new campaign strategy and animation to stay competitive and exciting throughout their marketing.

Understand the audience.

As we began developing the brand of SolarFrame we needed to step back and consider what it was that the audiences and customers knew about SolarFrame. Without any doubt, SolarFrame is renowned for its high quality windows and doors. With their friendly orange colour gamut and ‘windowed’ design, we had to think about how to develop the brand in a radical yet logical direction.

Woman staring out of window holding hot drink

Image Direction.

We introduced a new image direction that focuses on the lifestyle and people that own a SolarFrame product. We phased the actual product to a secondary focus element, this will allow people to fantasise about SolarFrame ownership and begin to imagine how much better their home and space could be with just a simple call to the SolarFrame team.

Children playing near a new door.
Family entering home through their new door.

Opening up the brand.

Adding animation can be tricky and expensive if not done correctly so we designed the solution to be easy and low-cost to ensure its useability in the future. The door animation would start as the full SolarFrame logo as the right or left column blends into one door-sized rectangle and then opens up as a customer enters the home. The background will be shown as the door opens to give a surreal portal nature to the animation and let potential customers take a peek at the lives and surroundings of the audience.

The window animation can be used to focus on a singular demographic or use case and play more into the marketing role. This animation will consist of a single panel opening up, we can then use footage of customers leaning out of a window with a morning cup of tea or reading the newspaper. Alternatively, we can begin to be more interactive between the four usable tiles and have people passing a brochure or item down, across, or up to one another.

Moving branded block to symbolise window opening in the brand
Window motion opening
Moving branded block to symbolise door opening in the brand
Door motion opening
This is my SolarFrame logo
Collection of branded images showing family using there new SolarFrame products
SolarFrame website page design.
SolarFrame social post collection.SolarFrame social post collection.

A brand new campaign.

Rolling together our new brand direction and image direction to create a new look and feel for a SolarFrame advertisement. ‘Step inside’ is a play on words hinting at the doors and spaces they are known for this could also be rolled out to include, ‘look inside’.

Our approach here is to unlock the potential of the brand and show audiences what they can have when working with SolarFrame. A clever graphic device has been introduced making the image feel like it is opening up while allowing certain elements to cut into the negative space to create a sense of depth. The primary goal for these campaigns is to create brand awareness for SolarFrame and its new direction.

Billboard design for new camping step inside.
Diagram for new SolarFrame campaign step inside.

Opening up the brand.

The beauty of the new direction doesn't stop at captivating animation or clever campaigns, however. Our direction can be implemented across a broad range of marketing from posters, brochures, email campaigns, print and more. Cracking the 'door' to a brand new SolarFrame life. The direction is fluid and easy to follow allowing internal design teams to work with our creatives to ensure any designed collateral stays on brand.

Poster designs for new SolarFrame camping step inside.

“From the initial contact to the final product, Just Design Stuff surpassed my expectations and delivered incredible solutions to our briefs.”

Kirsten Bolton
Head of Marketing at SolarFrame.

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