Why would a company need a rebrand?

March 22, 2022

Learn, unlearn and relearn. This is the life strategy to have a better one. However, you also need to follow rethink, revise, and rebrand the business.  

You might be on the top and competing with your rivals brilliantly. Still, your work doesn't end here. There is always a new rise in the market. Someone out there already has a plan to beat you as their competition.  

Are you strong enough to take the hit and not fall? YES, this is when you know that your brand needs rebranding now.

Do not wait for the sales to go depleted and customers to complain. Work on rebranding and stay ahead of time.

This is not it; there are a lot more reasons and benefits for rebranding.


What is Rebranding?

Basically, Rebranding is the process of changing an organization's corporate image. As the trends shift for your niche, your brand needs to regenerate its messaging to improve the business - to reconstruct the old brand into a new form that can compete in the market.

Top 7 benefits of Rebranding

Before you consider rebranding, think about the changes your company needs right now?

Once you answer this question, the rest is about understanding the benefits and rebuilding the strategy accordingly.

So, what are the benefits of rebranding?

Target new audience:

No doubt, when you start working on a new aspect of your business and give your brand a new shape, you will always land new customers. It can help you stimulate the business needs and target a new audience from an ever-evolving market.

The market is more saturated now, and your customers will keep expecting new things. While passing the brand name forward, your customer must know that you offer diversity. Rebranding can help you add it smoothly.

Stay Relevant:

Relevancy is the key to fighting rivalry in the digital market.

Your competitors are constantly looking for a sudden consumer shift. In contrast, you sit there and rely on customer loyalty. Customer loyalty comes from meeting the ends, and consumer behavior changes with time.

So, businesses must respond quickly and adapt to new marketing trends to be competitive.

As you may be aware, design trends significantly impact how customers view your brand and your products. Moreover, constant updates can assist you in gaining clients' trust and faith in your brand's quality.

Therefore, staying relevant to the trends can be necessary to save you from the edge of failure.

Your business card embarrasses you:

This may not be so common, but it is still significant for many businesses.

Do you feel proud when sharing the business card? If not, then you need a rebranding immediately. Besides, maybe it is not comprehensive branding; you can just work on your brand's visuals, from logo to banners and other graphical representations.

This can invite people with taste to explore your brand more.

Set premium pricing:

One of the major benefits of rebranding is to set the new prices as you increase the customer value. The importance of branding has been proven in numerous studies. Strong brands generate more equity, are more profitable and sell for more money.  

This is because a good brand is more than just a fancy logo and clever tagline. It has far more pricing power than its competitors.

The price power of strong brands allows them to dominate their respective markets. Another thing that helps to grow businesses is pricing power.

Set the modern pace:

Technology is the new normal. Your audience is now more inclined towards technology and gadgets. For example, as a digital market agency, you can include animated graphics to your brand showcasing your abilities.

Technology has given a vast variety of ways to interact with the audience. It encourages your audience to connect with your content, but it also helps distinguish your business from competitors.

Stronger identity:

Have you ever encountered a collection of companies that looked, sounded, and acted alike? Switching things up can help you stand out and establish a new, stronger identity if your brand is remarkably similar to your competitors.

Remember that being visible is always beneficial to a company.

Streamline Messaging:

Along the way, your message and brand may have been diluted or inconsistent. Rebranding allows you to put everything back into perspective.

If you've been putting off taking charge of your online reputation, now is the time to do so and kill two birds with one stone.

A successful example of Rebranding

The most successful example of rebranding that is still flourishing is Apple.

It began as Apple Computer, but it had to rebrand when it expanded into the smartphone and tablet sector. Areas change independently, and brands frequently extend their expertise to different markets.

Steve Jobs selected a new, sleek version of the iconic Apple logo to give the corporation a new appearance for consumers. He abandoned the multi-colored logo in favor of a glass or chrome aesthetic that was more in line with the company's latest iMac designs. Along with redesigning the logo, Jobs prioritized new product developments for customers.

So, it wasn't just a smart logo but a whole new lifestyle introduction to the market, and we can see the difference even today.

Bottom line

Remember that brand is not the company itself, but it is built on the foundation of your customers' feelings. How they expect you to be and what they feel about your brand makes you stand out. So, when you are rebranding, keep your new audience in mind.

Millennials have different expectations, and Gen Z might be expecting something totally off the rails. Therefore, think about your buyers and always know your audience.

Most importantly, stay current and do not hesitate from new experiments. Give your brand a chance to be the trendsetter or follow the trends.

Apple has set the bar high for rebranding. Keep it in mind during the process.

All else, hire people or experts who know their job! While we are talking about the experts, Just Design Stuff has got you covered. Our expert marketers can help you with branding or rebranding your company.

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