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The Power of Marketing for Schools and Universities

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Why is marketing essential for schools and universities?

Schools are constantly competing to be the top choice for parents to enrol their children, which is why many educational institutions ensure that their marketing is top-of-the-class for creating a positive brand image and enrolment.

Education marketing is not only a tool to drive enrolment numbers but also can help build a strong brand image for the school. In this article, we're breaking down why education marketing is key to standing out from the competition, increasing enrolment numbers, and building your reputation.

Develops Communication and Trust With Parents

Engaging parents with your marketing is key towards building brand trust and getting them to enrol their child in your school. With many people working full-time and balancing other commitments, parents don't have time to look through websites and league tables to compare schools.

Therefore, pushing easily engaging content to parents means they can easily obtain any information about the school through various marketing channels, from social media to brochures.

Establishes a Compelling Brand Identity

When you are building a marketing strategy, you are naturally going to build a brand image, which is why you need to ensure your messaging and colour schemes are consistent across your multiple marketing channels. This will result in your school becoming more recognisable, which can help build brand trust.

Can Build a Positive Recruitment Drive

When it comes to establishing a strong brand image, your school's values and missions have the power to inspire countless teachers. This can drive recruitment, so it's crucial to maintain a consistent marketing strategy and communicate your school's distinct qualities. By doing so, you'll not only motivate students but also attract and inspire educators.

Make a Positive Impression on Ofsted

When parents are looking for the right school for their children, they often refer to Ofsted reports and ratings. It's important to effectively showcase your school's value and features through various marketing materials to make a good impression.  

During Ofsted visits, they will review the marketing materials in your school and also assess your digital channels, including your social media platforms and website. By maintaining consistent branding across all your marketing platforms, you can establish a professional reputation.

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