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Pitta and Shake.

Shaking up the fast food market.

Pitta and Shake is a new franchise takeaway model specialising in thick handspun milkshakes and all kinds of flame-grilled meats served in Pitta breads. We were asked to approach this with scalability in mind and with a focus on creating a familiar yet new experience.


Brand Creation | Logo Creation | Website Creation | Tone of Voice | Asset Creation

The Result.

Pitta and Shake launched with huge success, repaying all investment in its first month of trading. Nation-wide franchises are in development along with having a huge online fan presence.

Logo Id.

We focused on the friendly aspect of this brand ID paying homage to takeaway branding from yesteryear. Thick, bold type combined with a fun handwritten script allowed them to come across as inviting and welcoming.

Pitta and Shake window Graphic outside store.


Pitta and Shake branding has been utilised across a multitude of different platforms scaling from print to digital. The brand's identity needed to feel part of the fast-food lineup that everyone knows and loves. They wanted to rock the boat but fit in, positioning themselves as a bold entry to the fast-food market.

Pitta and shake branding sticker design
Pitta and Shake branded Milkshake cups.

Shake it up.

Pitta and Shakes Handspun milkshakes have become a staple of the brand.

Pitta and Shake wanted to promote their all-new hand-spun milkshakes and gave us creative control to develop the brand's tone of voice and packaging through them. Starting with the three staples of milkshake flavours we developed the 'Pitta and Shake' look and feel. Polished, clean and irresistibly delicious. This approach allowed us to showcase brand new flavours without using any real product photography.

Hand holding branded Pitta and Shake cup
Pitta and Shake branded posters applied to a busy street.
Pitta and Shake branded burger packaging and fries holder.

Designing the flavour.

We created a labelling system for the staff at Pitta and Shake. From meat selection through to sauces we executed the brand across forty different variations of food and dips for easy order processing and brand awareness.

Branded stickers
Branded stickers
Branded stickers
Branded stickers
Branded stickers
Branded stickers
Branded stickers
Branded stickers
Pitta and Shake signage outside store.Stuffed pitta with branded graphic added to the photography.Branded donut boxes
Picture of new pitta and shake store opening soon.

“Just Design Stuff have the ability to see things others dont, the way they can understand my vision through a simple meeting and deliver exactly what is needed within an agreed timeline is exceptional. I don’t think the business would be where it is today without their help.”

Alex Lee
Founder - Pitta and Shake

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