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7 Must Have Things for Perfect Landing Page

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Surprisingly website conversion rates are only 1-3% while landing pages have a 5-15% conversion rate. Does your website have a perfect landing page for lead conversions?

For decades marketers have driven traffic directly to websites without any idea of how visitors can be turned into good conversions. The idea of having a designated landing page is to make it easy for visitors to take the desired action. So, are you looking to create a perfect landing page?

Certain elements should be included in every effective landing page or lead capture page. By following these 7 things, you can create a stellar landing page that will help increase your conversion rates insanely and grow your business.

Remember: Never Use Your Homepage As A Landing Page

Your homepage is not created to be a landing page. It's made as an overview of everything that your business offers. So, if you're running a lead capture campaign, don't use your homepage as the designated landing page.

Instead, use a specific page created only for the campaign. With this approach, you can fully control the design, messaging, and call to action on the page without worrying about the rest of your website's content.

How about a professional audit for your current landing page or a consultation for a new one? If you don't know where to kickstart, we can help. At Just Design Stuff, we create high-converting landing pages that will help increase your leads and sales.

The "You" Centered Approach And Perfect Landing Page Elements

When creating a perfect landing page, always remember to take a "you" centred approach. In other words, ensure that the page is about the visitor and not about you or your business.

The efficient approach to do this is to use language focused on the benefits the visitor will get by taking the desired action. For example, on your landing page, instead of saying "sign up for our newsletter," you can say "get weekly tips for your business 10x growth." And focus on these elements to create life on your landing pages:

  • A Catchy Headline
  • A subheading that elaborates on your offer
  • An eye-catching hero image or video
  • A clear and concise call-to-action (CTA)
  • Social proof in the form of testimonials or reviews

Reduce Friction And Focus On Values

Regarding conversion rates, one of the most important factors in reducing friction. In other words, you want to make it as easy as possible for visitors to take the desired action. For it:

  1. Use positive and action-oriented language
  2. Use familiar and common words
  3. Make the path to conversion as short and simple as possible
  4. Remove any distractions from the page
  5. Use strong and persuasive calls-to-action

By reducing friction and focusing on your offer's values, you can create a perfect landing page that will help increase your conversion rates.

Limit or Remove The Extra Navigation

When a lead gets on your landing page, the design shall convert them into a potential conversion. However, if you include too many navigation options, they may get distracted and end up leaving the page.

To avoid this, it's best to limit the navigation on your landing page. If possible, you can even remove it completely. This way, the only thing that visitors can do is take the desired action.

Match The Landing Page Content With Visitor's Previous Source Interaction

The content on your landing page should match the visitors' previous interaction with your brand. For example, if they clicked on a Google ad, the headline on your landing page should match the ad. If they came from a blog post, the landing page should provide more information about the blog post's topic.

By matching the content on your landing page with the visitors' previous source interaction, you can create a seamless and cohesive experience that will help increase your conversion rates.

Only Ask For Necessary Info And Makes The Pages Shareable

A/B testing is an efficient process where you create different versions of your landing page and test them to see which one performs better. There are a few different elements that you can test:

  • The headline
  • The offer
  • The call-to-action
  • The images
  • The form fields
  • The layout

By testing different elements of your landing page, you can find the perfect combination that will help increase your conversion rates.

Bonus Tip: Use Google Analytics To Track Your Landing Page Performance

If you want to track your landing page performance, you can use Google Analytics. This free Google tool lets you see how much traffic your landing page gets and the conversion rate.

Moreover, Google Analytics allows you to track the different traffic sources to your landing page. This way, you can see which sources send you the most valuable visitors.

Rounding Up The Anatomy Of A Perfect Landing Page

Bottom Line

Though there's no perfect formula for a perfect landing page, following the tips in this post will help you create a high-converting page. If you think it's too much or doesn't have free time to create one, you can always seek professional help to do it for you.

Just Design Stuff is a web agency that specialises in helping businesses create high-converting web designs and landing pages. If you need help creating a landing page for your business, feel free to contact us, and we'll be happy to help.

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