A header image showing seven cans of beer. The design is for Georges Orchard

Brand Design.

Just Design Stuff is a creative branding agency for entrepreneurs, challenger brands & agents of change across the UK.
We help humanise, clarify & connect the next generation of
consumer-facing brands for the connected world.

Logo Design and Id.

A logo embodies your company's vision, goal, aspirations and future. We pride ourselves on the research we undertake to make sure your idea will connect and be forever saved in the minds of your target audience. We work with you in a step by step process to ensure your identity will work.
A mass of business cards showing different company logos
A bottle of hair conditioner with text stating "FOR THE MAN THAT CAN"

Naming & Messaging.

Your tone of voice can help humanise, clarify and connect your brand to your target audience. From naming a business to the way you communicate with your consumers, Just Design Stuff will help you to be heard and seen far and wide.

Brand Guidelines.

Your brand relies on consistency to maintain the perfect balance of typography, image style, colour, logo usage and more. With a clear brand guideline we can ensure your assets are used correctly and consistently.
Willerby Bespoke brand guideline image
A caravan in a shoebox with balloons and confetti around it

Brand Activation.

How your customers interact with your brand can vary from business to business. Some use printed material, some are strictly digital and others use a whole array of different marketing strategies. We help navigate your brand through them all, from video, digital, print and everything in-between.